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Rock On - Freestyle

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Rock On says it all - in our flexible open-toe Freestyle fit, Rock On captures the strongest components of the earth's foundation with a beautiful blend of Copper, Grey, Navy, and White.  Feel strong and empowered in your Vines - because you are! Rock-on is also available in our classic X-toe.


Our Original sandals are Uniquely Vines, featuring eco-friendly soles with a blend of recycled tire rubber infused with a light Tropical Coconut scent™ to bring the island to your feet - wherever you may roam! 

You'll LUV our Original details including our dangling Vines charm, memory foam heel comfort, high quality cording and braiding, vegan lining, and more!

Smell our Feet!! If it's not Coconut, it's NOT a Vines Islandwear Original!

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