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About Vines Islandwear

Vines Islandwear™, founded in St. John, US Virgin Islands with a sister office in Nashville, TN, features a modern hybrid of fashion+action, lifestyle sandals made FOR women BY women. Women and U.S.-owned by Michelle Pappas of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Liz Ylitalo Eckert of Nashville, TN, Vines Islandwear provides women with a comfortable, fun, eco-friendly footwear experience! 


Liz and Michelle began their journey selling a traditional, handmade version of these fun and comfortable sandal designs that have historically been and are handcrafted in various parts of the world. Not long after beginning to vend these popular sandals on the streets of St. John, USVI, however, we realized that we could and should improve on them... the way they fit, the quality and sourcing of the materials, the extra details we dreamed of adding that would take a great sandal and make it both extraordinary and eco-friendly. The dream of developing our very own, unique Vines Islandwear sandals was born.  Sandals that we - Michelle and Liz - since 2016 - personally created side-by-side, together with our talented sandal designer and shoemaker, Mauricio, in Leon, Mexico.

Since 2016, we have have been meeting one-on-one with our North American suppliers-testing, experimenting, and "making better." We've taken everything we've learned over years of helping and watching our customers try on sandals - and we've vastly improved on a traditional concept - not just in fit - but in the quality and intention of every single detail. It was important to us that we personally met face-to-face with each supplier of each detail of our sandal - from the stitching to the soles to the braids - and we did! 


Our Team is our Vines Family, and we look forward to introducing you to the fabulous people who create your Vines with LUV. We know each individual who glued your soles, tied the knot on your hangtag, cut the liner, and put the finishing touches on the sandal on your foot!


In our Vines Islandwear Original sandal collection, we have maintained the foundational characteristics of what initially made these types of sandals so LUV'd - comfort, light weight, femininity, personality... but we've upgraded to high quality polyester cording and lining, dangling Vines charms, a more flexible cut and shape, comfort EVA, and even memory foam heels! 

Our custom soles are fun AND eco-friendly - developed with a recycled tire rubber blend you can feel GOOD about.  And certainly not least, we've infused a gentle Tropical Coconut scent™ into our soles - bringing the island to your feet, wherever you may wander.

Smell our Feet! If it's not Coconut, it's not an Original Vines Islandwear.

Stay tuned as we continue to expand our Vines Islandwear LUV lines with new sandal designs and accessories  - this is only the beginning! Stay tuned for our new giving programs launching this November. While we currently design and sell Vines Islandwear sandals crafted specifically for women, we are exploring an expansion to kids' and men's sandals in the future!




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